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Out of Order

February 23, 2012

Drop Thy still dews of quietness,
Till all our strivings cease;
Take from our souls the strain and stress,
And let our ordered lives confess
The beauty of Thy peace.
– John G. Whittier –
from the hymn, Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

Less than a week after my youngest daughter was born, a contractor came to enclose our carport into an activity room. Our family had expanded to three children and one grandmother so our living quarters also had to expand. It took about two months to get the room completed and we enjoyed the new space for about six months. Then the room started getting smaller as its contents increased. Right now there is so much stuff in the room that it is more of a large storage closet than anything else. I call it the no-activity room. I know I need to get in there and purge and organize and yet the weeks and months go by and still it is a mess.

Hannah turned six last week, so the room has been in need of attention for five years.  It had some shining moments of activity when out-of-town guests came to visit or we had a big party. We’d spend weeks working on it and then after the visitors left or the event was over it quickly returned to its cluttered state.

Sometimes my mind is like that room, so full of stuff that it doesn’t function as designed. Sometimes my schedule is like that room, so crammed with appointments and happenings that I race from one thing to another. Sometimes my emotions are like that room, crowded to capacity and ready to spill forth at any moment.

If an ordered life confesses the beauty of God’s peace as John Whittier’s lyrics convey, what does my disorganization and clutter confess? The ugliness of my upheaval?

Heavenly Father, please heal my harried heart. Restore order in my life and home so that Your peace may prevail.


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